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MARILYN MANSON. “My first tattoos were what I call job killers. My first was 14-hours deep and for the most part I got the majority of my tattoos in the space of 2-3 years. The piece on my chest was designed by a friend of mine called Nick Kushner. His design is what he perceived is meant to be ‘Manson’.

“When you ask a person what a tattoo means to them, it’s difficult to say. They are something permanent, they reveal a dedication to how you feel. I’ve always tried to cover up my tattoos, I’ve never flaunted them and never gravitated towards people with them. I favour tattoos that have unusual meanings, something personal about them.

“This could be a good or a bad thing, they either put me on the easier-to-find FBI watch list or they give people something else to be concerned about when I take off my clothes, apart from the romantic inclinations.”

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