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December 28, 2011 ∴ Nick Kushner’s Blood Art Exhibtion #4 on LA Weekly’s Top 10 Badass Parties of 2011

Beating out huge money-making events such as the Playboy Mansion’s Kandlyland party, Nick Kushner’s ‘Les Crimes De L’Amour’ solo art exhibition at Studio Servitu made #4 on LA Weekly’s ‘Top 10 Badass L.A. Parties of 2011′. The opening night on 9.10.11 which boasted an attendance of over 500 was DJed by Twiggy Ramirez and was later joined by attendee and bandmate, Marilyn Manson himself, who proceeded to play the public world premiere of his brand new forthcoming album, Born Villain, slated for release in the first quarter of 2012.

Thank you to Studio Servitu, Lina Lecaro, and of course, to Marilyn Manson & Twiggy Ramirez.

Lina Lecaro

Lina Lecaro

4. Studio Servitu’s Nick Kushner Blood Art Exhibit
Studio Servitu definitely left its mark on the party and art scene last year…and on a few fetishy femmes’ behinds too, surely. We saw playful spanking going down at a few fetes here, as well as other dark and sexy prancing and posing, the latter at photo and modeling workshops and Dr. Sketchy Drawing Classes. But it’s blood artist Nick Kushner’s opening that makes the top parties of the year. Vampy looks, amazing art and Marilyn Manson spontaneously played his entire new record for the black-clad crowd… twice!