Exhibition ∴ Les Crimes De L’Amour



On 9.10.11 New York based artist Nick Kushner will be hanged at Studio Servitú in Los Angeles. ‘Les Crimes De L’Amour’ marks Kushner’s first solo exhibition displaying his signature works which speak of disillusionment & pain through the themes of love, death, and abuse – but of the ultimate catharsis that can be attained through the artistic distillation of the emotions evoked by these, most notably by the medium he uses to create them – his own blood.

He will be premiering new works as well as a retrospective compendium of his catalogue at Servitú which will be augmented by a full aural presentation of image projections, a set by Marilyn Manson guitarist/songwriter DJ Twiggy Ramirez, sanguine stained walls, star studded performances, appearances and presenters. A live blood signing will be held for those who acquire prints exclusively available for the evening.

Les Crimes De L’Amour is sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, Evil Wine and Jade Absinthe.

Link – lescrimesdelamour.com